Lesson 16: German Vocabulary Expansion

Lesson 16: German Vocabulary Expansion

In this lesson, you will expand your German vocabulary by learning new words related to everyday life, emotions, and activities.


  1. Everyday Life:

– German: Alltag
– English: Everyday life
– Example sentence: Mein Alltag besteht aus Arbeit, Familie und Hobbys. (My everyday life consists of work, family, and hobbies.)

  1. Emotions:

– German: Emotionen
– English: Emotions
– Example sentence: Ihre Emotionen waren auf ihrem Gesicht deutlich zu erkennen. (Her emotions were clearly visible on her face.)

  1. Activities:

– German: Aktivitäten
– English: Activities
– Example sentence: Am Wochenende unternehmen wir gerne verschiedene Aktivitäten. (We like to do various activities on the weekend.)

  1. Health:

– German: Gesundheit
– English: Health
– Example sentence: Die Gesundheit ist das wichtigste Gut. (Health is the most important asset.)

  1. Weather:

– German: Wetter
– English: Weather
– Example sentence: Das Wetter in Deutschland kann sehr wechselhaft sein. (The weather in Germany can be very changeable.)

Practice Exercises:

  1. Translate the following sentences from English to German:

– I go for a walk every evening.
– How are you feeling today?
– What activities do you enjoy in your free time?
– Good health is essential for a happy life.
– The weather forecast predicts rain for tomorrow.

  1. Write a short paragraph (5-7 sentences) describing your typical day, incorporating at least five of the new vocabulary words learned in this lesson.

Additional Resources:

  • Use flashcards or vocabulary apps to practice and memorize the new words.
  • Watch German films or TV shows with subtitles to hear the words used in context.
  • Engage in conversation with native German speakers or language exchange partners to practice using the vocabulary in real-life situations.


Congratulations! You have expanded your German vocabulary with new words related to everyday life, emotions, activities, health, and weather. Keep practicing regularly to reinforce your learning and fluency in the language. Bis zum nächsten Mal! (Until next time!)

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