Documents For Schools/Teachers/Offices/Clerks (Download PDF)

Documents For Schools/Teachers/Offices/Clerks (Download PDF)

स्कूलों/शिक्षकों/कार्यालयों/क्लर्कों के लिए डॉक्युमेंट्स (पीडीएफ डाउनलोड करें)

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डाउनलोड करने के लिए क्लिक करें

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1Casual Leave Application
2Haryana Employees Pension Proforma
3Children Education Allowance Proforma
4CM School Beautification Proforma & Guidelines
5NOC For Passport- Proforma
6MDM (PM Poshan) Monthly Data Capture Proforma
7MDM (PM Poshan) Annual/Yearly Data Capture Proforma
8Medical Bill Reimbursement File
10APAR For Principal/Head Master/ESHM 2022-23
11APAR For PGTs 2022-23
12Special ACR For PGTs/TGTs/C&Vs
13ACR For Clerks & Similar Group C Posts
14ACR For Group D
15DD Power Application
16DD Power Affidavit
17Common Sanction Letter by DDO
18Maternity Leave Application
19Fee & Funds Class 1 to 8-
20Fee & Funds Class 9 to 12-
21Student Admission Form Class 1 to 12 
22Affidavit For Students(Name, DOB etc.) Details Change
23Affidavit For Admission in School
24SLC Application
25Application For New Appointment Through Proper Channel
26HRA Drawl Certificate
27Students Character Certificate
28Report Card Class 1 to 5
29Report Card For Class 6 to 8 With Sanskrit Drawing
30Report Card For Class 6 to 8 With Punjabi Drawing
31Report Card For Class 6 to 8 With Blank Optional Subjects
32Time Table Class 6 to 8
33Time Table Class 6 to 10
34Time Table Class 6 to 12
35Teacher’s Time Table
36HRA Rent Receipt For Income Tax Purpose
37PFMS Schemes Codes-
38LTC File-
39ACP Order Proforma
41ACP File
42Tab Consent Letter
43Relieving/Joining After Transfer
44UDISE+ Format For Students Addition
45UDISE+ Format For Students Detail Change
46Change in UCP/Unique Payee Code/Salary Code Proforma
47Checklist For Experience Certificate For Teachers
48Haryana Calendar 2024
49Teacher’s Higher Study Permission Proforma
50Special ACR Proforma For JBTs/PRTs
51Leave Encashment Proforma
52GPF Withdrawal Rules, Conditions & Recovery
53UCP-Unique Payee Code Allotment Proforma
54Proforma For Employee Undertaking
55Application For Child Care Leave (CCL)
56Earned Leave Proforma
57Undertaking for Revision of PPO CPO GPO
58New Pension Form Year 2016
59New Family Pension Form year 2016
60Application Form for Leave with Joining
61Application for Admission to General Provident Fund
62Employees Proforma for ID (Emp. ID)
63RTI Reply Proforma Hindi
64RTI Reply Proforma English
65Leave Encashment Sanction Order Proforma
66To Be Continued…
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