Lesson 15: German Vocabulary Expansion

Lesson 15: German Vocabulary Expansion

In this lesson, we will expand our German vocabulary by learning new words related to everyday life, hobbies, and interests. By the end of this lesson, you will be able to incorporate these new words into your conversations and written expressions.


  1. Hausarbeit (f) – Housework
  2. Gartenarbeit (f) – Gardening
  3. Kochen (n) – Cooking
  4. Malen (n) – Painting
  5. Fotografie (f) – Photography
  6. Musik (f) – Music
  7. Wandern (n) – Hiking
  8. Radfahren (n) – Cycling
  9. Zeichnen (n) – Drawing
  10. Lesen (n) – Reading
  11. Schreiben (n) – Writing
  12. Tanzen (n) – Dancing
  13. Reisen (n) – Traveling
  14. Filme (pl) – Movies
  15. Handwerk (n) – Crafts
  16. Spiele (pl) – Games
  17. Kochbuch (n) – Cookbook
  18. Pinsel (m) – Brush
  19. Kamera (f) – Camera
  20. Gitarre (f) – Guitar

Dialogue Practice:

Lisa: Was machst du in deiner Freizeit, Tom?
Tom: Ich mache gerne Hausarbeit und Gartenarbeit. Ich finde Kochen auch sehr entspannend. Und du?
Lisa: Ich male und fotografiere gerne. Außerdem spiele ich Gitarre und lese viel.
Tom: Das klingt toll! Hast du einen Lieblingsautor?
Lisa: Ja, ich liebe die Bücher von Hermann Hesse. Sie sind so inspirierend.

Grammar Tips:

  • Verbs in the present tense: Practice conjugating verbs according to the subject pronouns (ich, du, er/sie/es, wir, ihr, sie/Sie).
  • Noun gender: Pay attention to the gender of each noun and use the appropriate definite (der, die, das) and indefinite (ein, eine) articles.
  • Plural forms: Some words have irregular plural forms, while others simply add an “-e”, “-en”, or “-er” ending. Practice the plural forms alongside the singular forms.


  1. Conjugate the following verbs in the present tense: Lesen (to read), Tanzen (to dance), Schreiben (to write), Reisen (to travel).
  2. Create sentences using at least five new vocabulary words from the list above.
  3. Write a short paragraph describing your favorite hobby and why you enjoy it.


Congratulations on completing Lesson 15! You’ve expanded your German vocabulary with new words related to hobbies and interests. Keep practicing these words in context to solidify your understanding and fluency. In the next lesson, we’ll delve deeper into grammar structures and conversation practice. Bis zum nächsten Mal! (Until next time!)

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