Lesson 10: German Vocabulary Expansion

Lesson 10: German Vocabulary Expansion

In this lesson, we’ll expand your German vocabulary by learning new words and phrases related to various topics. Increasing your vocabulary will enhance your ability to understand and communicate effectively in German.

1. Weather and Seasons:
Weather: Wetter
– Sunny: sonnig
– Cloudy: bewölkt
– Rainy: regnerisch
– Snowy: verschneit
Seasons: Jahreszeiten
– Spring: Frühling
– Summer: Sommer
– Autumn/Fall: Herbst
– Winter: Winter

2. Food and Drink:
Food: Essen
– Bread: Brot
– Cheese: Käse
– Salad: Salat
– Soup: Suppe
Drink: Getränk
– Water: Wasser
– Tea: Tee
– Coffee: Kaffee
– Juice: Saft

3. Travel and Transportation:
Travel: Reisen
– Airport: Flughafen
– Train station: Bahnhof
– Hotel: Hotel
– Ticket: Fahrkarte
Transportation: Transport
– Car: Auto
– Bus: Bus
– Bicycle: Fahrrad
– Taxi: Taxi

4. Hobbies and Leisure Activities:
Hobbies: Hobbys
– Reading: Lesen
– Painting: Malen
– Playing music: Musik spielen
– Cooking: Kochen
Leisure Activities: Freizeitaktivitäten
– Watching movies: Filme schauen
– Hiking: Wandern
– Swimming: Schwimmen
– Gardening: Gärtnern

5. Emotions and Feelings:
Emotions: Emotionen
– Happy: glücklich
– Sad: traurig
– Excited: aufgeregt
– Calm: ruhig
Feelings: Gefühle
– Love: Liebe
– Anger: Wut
– Fear: Angst
– Surprise: Überraschung

6. Family and Relationships:
Family: Familie
– Mother: Mutter
– Father: Vater
– Brother: Bruder
– Sister: Schwester
Relationships: Beziehungen
– Friend: Freund(in)
– Partner: Partner(in)
– Husband: Ehemann
– Wife: Ehefrau

Practice Sentences:
1. Der Sommer ist sonnig und warm. (Summer is sunny and warm.)
2. Ich trinke gerne Tee mit Honig. (I like to drink tea with honey.)
3. Der Flughafen ist groß und geschäftig. (The airport is big and busy.)
4. Meine Hobbys sind Lesen und Kochen. (My hobbies are reading and cooking.)
5. Ich bin glücklich, meine Familie zu sehen. (I am happy to see my family.)
6. Mein Bruder spielt gerne Fußball. (My brother likes to play soccer.)

– Create sentences using at least five new words learned in this lesson.
– Practice pronunciation of new vocabulary words.

Additional Resources:
– Use language learning apps like Duolingo or Memrise for interactive vocabulary practice.
– Watch German movies or listen to German music to immerse yourself in the language.
– Join online language exchange communities to practice speaking with native German speakers.

Expanding your German vocabulary is essential for fluency and effective communication. Practice regularly and immerse yourself in the language to progress faster. Keep building upon the foundation laid in this lesson to further enhance your German proficiency. Viel Erfolg! (Good luck!)

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