Sentence: Definition, Types, and Examples

Sentence: Definition, Types, and Examples

A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought, idea, or statement. It typically contains a subject and a predicate and functions as a unit of communication in written or spoken language.

Types of Sentences:

1. Declarative Sentence:
A declarative sentence makes a statement or expresses an opinion. It ends with a period.
– Example: I am going to the store.

2. Interrogative Sentence:
An interrogative sentence asks a question. It ends with a question mark.
– Example: Are you coming to the party?

3. Imperative Sentence:
An imperative sentence gives a command, makes a request, or offers advice. It ends with a period or an exclamation point for stronger emphasis.
– Example: Please pass the salt.

4. Exclamatory Sentence:
An exclamatory sentence expresses strong emotion or surprise. It ends with an exclamation point.
– Example: What a beautiful day!


Declarative Sentence:
1. She likes to read books.

Interrogative Sentence:
2. Did you finish your homework?

Imperative Sentence:
3. Close the door, please.

Exclamatory Sentence:
4. How beautiful the flowers look!

Additional Examples:

– The sun sets in the west.
– My sister plays the piano beautifully.

Can you swim?
Where is the nearest gas station?

Please be quiet during the movie.
Don’t forget to call me later.

What a lovely surprise!
Hurrah! We won the game!

Sentences are the basic units of communication in language, conveying meaning and facilitating effective communication. By understanding the different types of sentences and how to construct them, writers and speakers can express their ideas clearly and appropriately in various contexts.

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