Lesson 8: Traveling and Directions- Learn German

Lesson 8: Traveling and Directions- Learn German


  1. Traveling – Reisen
  2. Directions – Richtungen
  3. Airport – Flughafen
  4. Train station – Bahnhof
  5. Bus stop – Bushaltestelle
  6. Ticket – Fahrkarte
  7. Map – Karte
  8. North – Norden
  9. South – Süden
  10. East – Osten
  11. West – Westen
  12. Straight ahead – Geradeaus
  13. Turn left – Links abbiegen
  14. Turn right – Rechts abbiegen
  15. Go straight – Gehe geradeaus
  16. Excuse me, where is…? – Entschuldigen Sie, wo ist…?


  1. Prepositions of Direction:

– In German, prepositions indicate direction and location. Common prepositions for direction include:
nach (to, toward): “Ich fahre nach Berlin.” (I’m going to Berlin.)
zu (to, toward): “Gehen Sie zum Bahnhof.” (Go to the train station.)
in (in, into): “Ich gehe in den Park.” (I’m going into the park.)

  1. Asking for and Giving Directions:

– To ask for directions, use phrases like:
– “Entschuldigen Sie, wo ist der Bahnhof?” (Excuse me, where is the train station?)
– “Können Sie mir bitte helfen?” (Can you please help me?)
– To give directions, use phrases like:
– “Gehen Sie geradeaus.” (Go straight ahead.)
– “Biegen Sie links/rechts ab.” (Turn left/right.)
– “Es ist gleich um die Ecke.” (It’s just around the corner.)


At the train station

Paul: Entschuldigen Sie, wo ist der Flughafen?
(Excuse me, where is the airport?)

Lisa: Sie müssen zum Bahnhof gehen und dann den Bus nehmen. Der Bus fährt direkt zum Flughafen.
(You need to go to the train station and then take the bus. The bus goes directly to the airport.)

Paul: Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe!
(Thank you very much for your help!)

Lisa: Kein Problem. Gute Reise!
(No problem. Have a good trip!)

Paul: Danke, gleichfalls!
(Thanks, likewise!)

Practice Exercises:

  1. Translate the following sentences into German:

– Can you tell me how to get to the bus stop?
– Turn right at the traffic light.
– The train station is on the left side.
– We’re going north for our vacation.

  1. Create a dialogue between two people asking for and giving directions to a restaurant in German.

Additional Resources:

  • Practice German directions and vocabulary with interactive quizzes and games online.
  • Watch German travel videos or movies with subtitles to reinforce directional phrases in context.
  • Try conversing with native German speakers or language exchange partners to practice asking for and giving directions.
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